Tomorrow I’m going to the Word on the Street Festival and the Victoria College book sale. Basically I’ll be in book heaven!!!

I know I haven’t been faithful in updating with personal posts. Yesterday I loaded my Montreal pictures to my computer and had to scrap about 90% of them simply because they looked like I ripped the webcam out of my computer and used that for my whole trip.

I am inept with cameras.

I may be able to change that tomorrow if I can actually remember my camera haha.

I also fixed my tablet and got the pressure sensitivity to work properly when drawing. So more updates from that will come.

Until then you’ll have to bear with me. I have my appointment for an interview with Humber College for their creative book publishing program so I’m going absolutely bananas making sure that everything I submit to them is flawless. I know I am capable of a lot, my only doubt is that others are more capable with more resources. I’ve been down that road before.

I have quite a few posts queued so it’s not like I’ll REALLY be gone until that’s all over.. but soon.. I’ll be more present.

Wish me luck fellow tumblees! My future depends on it :P.